The Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association “Rodina” aims to promote and preserve Bulgarian culture, traditions, and language among the Bulgarian community in NSW.  Since its founding on the 10th of March 1978, “Rodina” has pursued this goal by fostering knowledge and understanding about Bulgarian culture and history by organising social events, forums, expositions, performances and other public initiatives.  We seek to strengthen the social, economic, educational and cultural ties between Australia and Bulgaria.  Therefore, maintaining a close relationship with Australian organisations and institutions in Australia is of significant importance to us.  We are part of a diverse Australia and we are willing to enrich its multicultural life.  The Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association “Rodina” collaborates and co-operates with other Bulgarian organisations in Australia

We actively liaise with Australian and Bulgarian government, community and business organisations with the aim of strengthening relationships and promoting good will and understanding.

We are committed to strengthening the relations between the people of Bulgaria and Australia. We collaborate with consular bodies, business and governments to promote cultural and trade exchange between the two nations. To date we have facilitated election polling, hosted diplomatic and consular visits and partnered with overseas and local business.

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Participate in and support the “Rodina” Bulgarian Community in Sydney with your membership! Make the most of your Rodina Membership with our exclusive Member benefits program. You can access a range of deals and discounts and discount tickets for our events.

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We bring people together and foster positive relationships. We teach, we learn and represent the best of what our community has to offer. Anyone can be a member, why not join us? Persons under the age of 18 (minors) can become members under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (the Act)

To become a member download and complete this form and email to

Annual reports are available to current members of the Bulgarian Cultural and Social Association “Rodina” Incorporated. The reports can be emailed on request from a member. Our Annual General Meeting is held within 6 months after the association’s financial year-end. Members are given at least 14 days’ notice of an AGM.

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